Fan Interactions like Never Before: KAIF DAO Platform Beta Version Release


Have you ever wanted to choose the second-half player for your favorite football team match? Or maybe add a new taste to your favorite drinks? Meet KAIF DAO platform – a new era space for fan interactions.
A team of developers introduces the vote-to-earn strategy as an entirely new way of customer via company dialog. Now it releases an application with a much broader function range. Let's see what's inside!

How Do KAIF Tokens Work

KAIF DAO platform is a blockchain-based platform that issuing an own KAIF token. Each customer get DAO Mambership Passport, which gives the opportunity to interract with companies and clubs. . Participants earn tokens by active participation in the club life:

  • making a decision for a company – choosing a player or a product line change;
  • supporting with activities – posting stories, singing a chant, etc.;
  • suggesting changes in the product or company strategy.

KAIF marketplace sells physical and digital assets from clubs and companies for tokens. These can be customized merchandise and other accessories, game tickets, NFTs, interactions, and other rewards. In this way, buyers become an integral part of a company's success, deeply involved in its life and interests.

Can't Do It Without You: a Fan-focused All-encompassing Platform

KAIF DAO platform is a vote-to-earn service allowing the sports club fan or the brand clients to impact its success by making decisions. Club fans get a chance to vote, so further they would have an ability to influence the club's growing by correcting certain actions. A customer should get a DAO Membership Passport and earn some tokens to get rewards.
The first football club to sign a DAO agreement was DSV Leoben. One hundred real fans decided to join us on the beta test. By voting, they have chosen the best player of August and a member they want to hear in the interview.
DSV Leoben will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2028. By this time, the club wants to enter the Austrian Bundesliga. Fans can help achieve this goal by making decisions. Now they are waiting for a complete version of an app to continue their way.
During the two-week long beta test, a hundred fans have tried all basic app functions, including DAO Membership obtainment, receiving the latest club news, switching languages, and so on. They have reported only one bug which has been fixed momentarily.

Now developers are preparing the app for Google PlayMarket and Apple Store. The team also works on adding new football clubs to the DAO system. Keep in touch and wait for updates and the final release!

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