KAIF DAO Platform is Officially Certified in Dubai
We have some super exciting news!

KAIF DAO has officially passed the legal, due diligence, and business verification processes at the Digital Acceleration Center Dubai (DAC Dubai, UAE) and received the official status of a certified company.

The company audit was completed in all areas, from finance to marketing. This quick announcement will explain why this is a massive milestone for KAIF DAO and one of the most crucial building blocks for our missions and goals.
Why is DAC Dubai Important?
DAC Dubai is the official partner of the regulatory UAE government with more than 20 years of experience in this field. This gives DAC Dubai a considerable advantage, especially in unusual and complex cases. This is why passing the certification is a big deal for KAIF DAO!
What is DAC Dubai?
More than 20,000 companies come to Dubai annually to build digital businesses, and 90% of those businesses are at risk because they don't know or understand UAE laws and US SEC regulations.
How does DAC Dubai help these companies?
DAC Dubai provide turnkey services for everything related to legal in the United Arab Emirates and the international market, as well as:

  • Marketing
  • Investments
  • Networking
  • Acceleration
KAIF DAO and DAC Dubai Partnership
DAC Dubai also created its DAO on our platform, so visitors can download our app and become a DAO member of this company! We aim to be a trustworthy and successful platform, and thanks to DAC Dubai, we're closer than ever to our goals.

We want to thank DAC Dubai for their trust and great partnership. We hope to continue growing and accelerating together! To learn more about the Digital Acceleration Center, visit their website at https://digitalcenter.pro.
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