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Have you ever wanted to take part in the life of your favorite football club? Imagine if you could choose the best member, select players who will join the club, and interact with sports stars.

You don't have to pay for these interactions. Instead, you earn from participating in your chosen organization's development. Many fans, just like you, would like to be meaningful for their teams. With the revolutionary Vote-to-Earn blockchain technology, it is possible now. KAIF DAO is the first project to offer it on the market.

Traditional Ways of Earning via Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already changed the everyday interactions between software and users. The first apps and projects introduced systems called Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn.

You might have heard of Axie Infinity, where players earn NFTs by interacting with their digital pets. It became so popular that it became the primary source of income for many players and the record in-game purchase valued at $2.3 million.

In 2021, the Stepn project entered the market. It introduced the market with a new earning strategy. Its purpose was to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Users of Stepn received the ability to make tokens while walking and running. A player with NFT-sneakers could earn from $20 to hundreds of dollars during a single day.

These innovations were stars on the market, but users had more ambitions and needs. Companies and clients waited for new technologies, and they appeared recently.

How Does Vote-to-Earn Strategy Work?

When the KAIF DAO platform entered the market, it came with a revolutionary concept. The idea was called Vote-to-Earn. It gives companies and clients what they truly need – feedback and a direct connection.

The system is simple. To start voting, a fan should buy a DAO membership passport of a chosen organization. A brand, or a club, puts up a vote on issues that require community participation. It can be music to turn on after a goal, or a new drink taste. Fans feel their engagement in the club's living and receive tokens for being active.

How Do You Earn in KAIF DAO?

Users of the app can earn internal tokens of a platform called KAIF tokens by performing actions related to their sports club or chosen brand. To start earning, you should buy a DAO passport for your organization. The main categories are below.

  1. Activities are some operations that a company offers you to do. It can be a challenge, a flash mob in social media, or something else.
  2. Proposals are some changes that you, as a client, want to add to the organization. Users earn KAIF tokens by suggesting innovations and sharing their honest opinion.
  3. Votings are abilities to affect the company's development. For a sports club, you can choose the best players, and for a brand, you can, for example, select the new drink taste.

Working together, a company and a community together create a win-win market situation. You can also get KAIF tokens by purchasing them during sales rounds, in exchange for marketing activities, or while applying a referral system.

What Can You Do With Tokens?

Members can spend KAIF tokens on physical & digital assets of their favorite clubs, from a ticket to a match and custom clothes to rare NFTs. Fans also get the earliest access to the team news and communication with players.

A Way to Success with KAIF DAO

The first team to join the KAIF platform was DSV Leoben football club. With the help of loyal fans, they want to get back to the Bundesliga by 2028. Let’s see how they will handle this challenge.

Soon you’ll be able to help your favorite clubs, interact with players, and make winning development decisions. Stay tuned to KAIF DAO updates not to miss all the fun.

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