KAIF DAO releases the app: MVP-version is already available


DAO technology keeps emerging in the crypto industry. It is a market-changing software for crowdfunding with artificial intelligence as a controlling mechanism. More and more startups use it to receive financial support and even use it as a basis for their apps' economic model. You can earn with this trend both being a developer and a participant.

Today we present the KAIF DAO platform, one of the most fast-growing and prospective projects. It is an app for fans of sports clubs and brands with a revolutionary approach to communication between fans and their favorite organizations. It allows users to make decisions that impact an organization's behavior and lead it to success.

How Does KAIF DAO Work?

KAIF DAO's approach is called a Vote-to-Earn technology. Community members receive DAO tokens for interactions with their favorite sports clubs and companies. There are a few ways of earning tokens:

  • voting and making decisions that impact the company's strategy;
  • participating in activities that a company suggests;
  • making proposals and giving development pieces of advice.

Further, they can spend tokens in the KAIF app directly to buy merchandise, tickets, and other physical & digital assets related to a club or a company.

Let's see the way it works in a real example. Meet DSV Leoben, the first football club presented on the KAIF DAO platform during the beta test. Members of its community have participated in two votes during the beta test. They have chosen the best player of August and a player they want to hear in an interview.

In exchange, fans could access the closed news channel and earn DAO tokens. With these tokens, they can buy tickets to DSV Leoben's matches and events, custom clothes, and other features. Now fans can feel more engaged in the club's life, be more active, and get closer to their favorite football players.

MVP Version: What's Inside?

KAIF DAO has created the MVP version of an app in the shortest terms. It was released just a month after the end of the beta test. MVP means 'Minimal Viable Product,' which includes the main functions and is ready for downloads. Now KAIF application users can:

  • get a DAO membership passport;
  • participate in voting processes;
  • read the latest company news earlier than anybody else.

One club is available now – DSV Leoben. Some other football teams and businesses want to join the program, but developers want to do all possible check-ups before. It is necessary to test all functions with this one participant to provide the best experience for all new users and companies. All other parts are developing currently and continuously getting added to the app.

What's Going Next?

The abilities of the platform are developing day by day. New functions are getting added, and others exist as a concept. KAIF has prospective partners from NFL League, boxing promotion companies, racing teams, the German Bundesliga, supermarkets, and hotel chains. Great names are coming!

Try entering the DAO project at the very start and participate actively. It will allow you to earn more and get as close as possible to your favorite sports clubs. You can download the DAO app now on the official website and wait for updates.

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